About Me
Hi, I'm Amber.  I am many things, and wear many hats. I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, a Massage Therapist and dōTERRA Wellness Advocate.  Mostly, I am a woman who has a dream and desire to help people feel good and ease pain. I am a graduate of the Nevada School of Massage Therapy and have received my credentials as a Professional Massage Therapist, as well as, a Master Bodyworker. I am currently licensed to practice in Nebraska.

Just a little background... I was born in Southern California and celebrated my second birthday in the glittering city of Las Vegas, NV at the Glass Pool Motel, then called the Alamo (you know the one from the movie Casino).  My parents managed the motel while our house was being built in Spring Valley, a Las Vegas suburb. Growing up in Las Vegas, I get asked a few questions all the time. First, "if we live on the Strip?" For most, no because Las Vegas is really just another city with schools, and grocery stores, churches, like everywhere else. But, I really did live on the Strip and I think that’s kind of cool! Second, have I met any celebrities? Not a lot, but a few.  My all-time fav was  sharing peanuts with Olivia Newton-John on her hotel sofa at the Riviera. I've even had front row seats and back stage passes with Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton, on several occasions (he was quite smitten with my grandmother while performing at the Frontier). There were some others, but those will always be my favs. I love Las Vegas! The Lights. The Shows. The food. Everything is open...All The Time. Super convenient if its 1 o'clock in the morning and you REALLY need some Chunky Monkey ice cream.


So what brings a TRU702 girl to Broken Bow, Ne?  A man of course...

My love, Craig Sheridan is Facility Manager for the Broken Bow II Wind Farm. This exciting opportunity presented itself and we just couldn't resist. I knew there would be big changes for this city girl when we moved to the Midwest. We are currently renovating a charming 1915 bungalow home in Downtown Broken Bow. It's an adventure, but we are  loving it! REALLY loving it!!! I am completely embracing Nebraska and the amazing pace of life here in Broken Bow. It's just like the sign says, It truly is "the good life".







Meet Amber
My Massage Journey
The Beauty of
Essential Oils 

How my dream was born...


Many years ago I turned to massage to relieve symptoms from scoliosis I had developed in my adolescents. Over time, I became aware that there is so much more to gain from massage than just relief from physical pain- Much needed relaxation for one. I had done a real number on my body with mental stress, which naturally led my body  into distress. This pattern of chronic stress reaped havoc on my poor adrenal system. After blood tests revealed that I had stage four adrenal fatigue, I started taking a bit more time for self-care, including more massage and spa treatments at the local Korean Sauna. 


I had flirted with the idea of massage school off and on over years, but

always talk myself out of it. It just wasn't practical...timing never seemed right. I had a great job at a beautiful French boutique on the Strip. As great as it was, I was really stressed out and I was at a point in my life that I really had to make some hard choices for myself and my health.


One night, scrolling on Facebook, I came across an ad for the Nevada School of   

Massage Therapy. I read the ad and “liked” it. 


And that was the start.  The seed was planted and a dream was born. I knew I finally had to just do it. I stepped down from my assistant position at the boutique and went to school. I loved every minute of it of it. Every class made me want to learn more.


After graduation, I went on to work at a spa in Las Vegas, where I was surrounded by many amazing and talented therapists. I am so full of gratitude for that priceless experience.


Looking back on my past career choices and life's developmental opportunities, I can honestly say that every single one helped me get to where I am today and I believe I am a much better therapist for it. I fully appreciate it. Every day I get to work on someone is a gift. Helping people feel better, relaxing music, a glow lamp... 

That's the good stuff! 


 This is what I know in my heart:




 I truly believe that Life is all about Balance. Mind. Body. Spirit. The many powerful benefits of massage  helps creates balance to the body. That balance in turn can allow for overall wellness.

My own experiences led me to the path of massage therapy, and from that, inspired me to help others relieve their pain and stress.

Why I Love Essential Oils


Essential Oils is one of those things that I just sort of happened into. I had heard about them and had had received some bodywork myself with them, but didn't really understand much of what they were all about. A friend started using them introduced me. I thought she was a little crazy. In fact, most of the ladies in the class seemed a little crazy. They were just gaga over these oils and their benefits. One lady had cleaned out her whole medicine cabinet and only used oils...For Everything! It seemed a little over the top, but I was intriged. 

 I did like the way a lot of them smelled. During the introductory class the Wild Orange waft in the air and I remembered the first time a massage therapist had used them in my session ~ The therapist had me close my eyes and pic the one that, "spoke to me."~  It was so relaxing.  So, I thought, "Why not," and purchase some for my clients, so I could extend that special experience. I figured at the very least, they are relaxing.

And then this happened...

 I started adding them to the lotion I used for my nightly foot ritual. And do you know what??? My feet were crazy soft!!! Using the oils in my lotion consistantly, I have not had to have a pedicure except to paint my toes in two years. The oils really made a difference in the condition and health of of my feet. So then, I really started to research and experiment with some of the other recipes for things like headaches, immunity issues, mood elevation, and even hormone balance. I found in my own life and in the lives of my friends and family who tried them, that they are truely powerful.  

How does this story end... 

Now I am a crazy oil lady and tell everybody about the powerful benefits of essential oils. I use them every day in my life and love to share them in with my clients. I can apply them with  confidence knowing that the whole experience is therapeutic for the mind, body, and soul.